Monday, 13 December 2010

Any Human Heart - Genius Retro-Style Television!

Over the last two days I've sat and watched all four episodes of 'Any Human Heart' which is an adaptation of a book by William Boyd and has been shown in the UK on Channel 4. It's safe to say that it's blown me away, both in story and in style.
The story is set over the life of Logan Mountstuart, an English writer. His life spans the 20th century and the program is rich in the settings, costume and feel of the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and a tiny bit of the 80's. The 40's and 50's are the prevailing time-zones in this programme though, and the imagery was gorgeous.
The hair, the clothes, the make-up - it was all so inspiring! I loved how the mannerisms of the character changed throughout his life; how wonderful were the 40's when everyone raced to light your cigarette for you?!
I suggest you all go and watch it immediately! I'm not sure if anyone from the USA will be able to view it, although I don't see why they shouldn't be able to. The link to it is here. There are only 8 days left on the first episode, so hurry! It can also be bought here.
If you have seen it, let me know what you thought. Personally, I thought it was one of the most beautiful dramas to ever hit our screens, apart from 'Small Island' which is also a book adaptation (highly recommended!).

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Today I Was Mostly.....Yearbooking Myself!

I discovered Yearbook Yourself today - probably about 7 years later than the rest of you! It is absolutely hilarious! I had such a great time putting myself into some vintage yearbook pictures that I've decided to share the best ones with you all. If you want to do it to yourself (WARNING: It is addictive and will probably distract you from what you should be doing!) then here is the link.
I wish I had hair like this lot! (Especially the last one - what a retro doll!)

Monday, 6 December 2010

When I Die, I Want To Be Buried In A Giant Lipstick

Since my post about the sale of Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin I've become a little obsessed with searching for coffin inspired furniture online, and I've found some really cool things. Today however, I stumbled upon something really awesome that I previously had no idea existed.
In Ghana coffins are rarely the traditional boring polished wood casket, they're works of art that show something about the life of the person inside. I've been looking at images of Ghanan coffin designs and some of them are out of this world!
Check out some of the pictures...

I'm obsessed! When I die I would love to be buried in a massive lipstick...or maybe have a guitar shaped coffin....or perhaps a pirate ship! I could go on forever!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Delights of London Town

This weekend I ended up, very spontaneously, in London! My Mum was there for the weekend with friends but one of them couldn't make it due to the snow. As a result I got a very nice phonecall on Friday asking me if I could get to London and if I could, there was a free ticket to see Les Miserables and a free hotel room in it for me. After much deliberation (about a fifth of a second) I of course, said yes!
Les Miserables was absolutely incredible. I'm not a big 'musicals' person really so I wasn't particuarly bothered about seeing it. I went along mostly so that I could get out of the cold and I figured that it would be an all right way to spend the evening... well, what can I say? It was amazing!
The choreography, the singing, the story, the costumesthey were all perfect. I'm officially converted!
My favourite part, costumes wise, was definately the part with the whores. I want to walk around looking like this all the time:
After the awesomeness that was Les Mis, we decided to pay Camden market a visit. I'm going to save up some money and go on a spree there as soon as possible! Due to limited funds (gotta keep the tattoo fund healthy!) I only got myself these cute earrings...
...which I adore!
I tried on a few things in the vintage shops but was (for once) a very good girl. I so wanted a vintage patent kelly handbag but I stopped myself (I have no idea how!). sum up - I love London!
The End =D

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fancy Buying a USED Coffin?!

Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin is being sold at auction. I know, I didn't really know what to think either. Part of me is grossed out about the fact that his dead body was buried in it for 20 years (he was buried in a different coffin after he was exhumed to prove that it was really him down there) and part of me kinda thinks it would make for an awesome piece of furniture. Imagine making a chair or a cabinet out of it and being able to say - 'Yeah, that's my coffin chair.' I kinda wanna do that.
Lee Harvey Oswald was the guy who allegedly killed JFK so I imagine it's going to have a lot of interest from people that are into all that. Maybe a museum will buy it or something?
What I can't work out is who decided to auction it off? It's just a bit bizarre. I wonder if it smells??
I can't help but be interested in this, maybe it's my love for anything horror! The starting price is $1000 but I bet it'll go way over that. There's plenty of freaks out there with lots of monies!
I think it'd look gorgeous as a bookshelf!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Half Sleeve Is Finally On The Way!

As a yuletide present to myself this year I'm getting my half sleeve done! I'm so excited to get this tattoo; it's been months and months in the planning stages. The plan is a covering of realistic flowers: roses, anemones and fuchsias. The tattoo is going to cover me from shoulder to elbow.
The roses represent my sister as they're her favourite flower and her second name is 'Rose'. The anemones are for my Mum as they have always been her favourite flower and the fuchsias are for my Dad, who sadly passed away in 2004. He loved fuchsias (although he would never admit to liking a pink flower!) and grew them out in the greenhouse for years.
I'm all booked in for February 9th so I'll be posting pics at each stage. The first sitting is 4 hours and hopefully the outlines will all be completed by then.
Now I've just got to keep myself occupied until then...

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Brr! Rockabilly Fashion In Freezing Temperatures - Does It Exist?!

I've had to have a serious wardrobe re-think over the last week as England has been hit with such bloody freezing weather! It snowed here last night which was quite nice because it meant that the temperature got above minus for a while! We are not used to this here, it's not so fun...especially when it comes to dressing up for the day.
I love sorting out my outfits now that I'm a self confessed rockabilly/50's/40's/retro chick but during this cold weather I've really struggled! There's only so much a cute cardigan can do for you warmth wise.
My solution at the moment is teaming a warm pencil skirt with double tights, warm innersoles in my mary janes and an extra vest top underneath everything else. To make sure I don't lose the look completely I have taken to wearing more make-up than usual - which I don't really like to do but it keeps my eyes warm (that's my excuse anyway!).
Anyone got any tips on how to keep stylish in the cold? I'm so looking forward to the summer when I can start wearing tea dresses, capri pants and halter neck tops....sigh.
Oooh, my eyes are so warm!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Rockin' Fuckin' Christmas!

I was loathe to post anything about Christmas until at least December, but I couldn't resist showing you this. ROCK ON! \m/(>.<)\m/

Bert Miller and the Animal Folk

Last night I went to a gig in the cellar of a local music/vegetarian pub to see two of my housemates play in a jazz band. It was absolutely amazing, I had no idea how talented my housemates were! The band that they were supporting I assumed would also be a jazz band but they were unlike anything I've ever seen before in my life!
They are called Bert Miller and the Animal Folk and it was...indescribable, although I'll try my best. Their songs were brilliant - masterpieces of weird and bizarre lyrics (mostly about animals). I laughed genuine big belly guffaws the whole way through. The lyrics are pretty random but it's the way that they're sung which makes it so good. You must go and listen to them here!
The lead singer has a very Jack Sparrow-esque presence on the stage and reminds me a little of a young Heath Ledger (circa 10 Things I Hate About You). The only girl in the band plays drums and is a trumpet. Yes you read that right, she IS a trumpet. She just makes this noise through her hands and it sounds exactly like a trumpet. Talent to the max. Also in the band is a Ukulele player with a massive beard, a guitarist with a lightly less massive beard and a bassist who at the same time also plays the bass drum and hi-hat. Weird and amazing. They are officially my new favourites.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pixar Just Gets Better

Disney Pixar have released video for young gay people showing that just because you are gay, it doesn't mean that you can't have a life. For many teens, coming out is the single hardest thing they will ever have to do. Facing discrimination from their friends, neighbours, teachers and parents is something that can happen daily to gay and lesbian teens.
I think that this is a moving and incredible video and I'm shocked to see something that's so contraversial make it out of a Disney company like this. It's amazing how honest and reassuring these people are and I applaude them for stepping up and creating this video.
You can watch it here. Make sure you have a tissue to hand because I got a little emotional!
I'm not gay myself, but I know people who have struggled through that initial 'coming out' phase and I can't imagine how something like this must lift the spirits of someone who is having a tough time.
I've always loved Pixar, and now I love them even more!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Wait...Superheroes Are Real?!

Superheroes are real...if you live in Seattle. Which I don't! Disappointment!
Apparently a group calling themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement are out on the streets, in costume, fighting crime. They don't (thankfully) dress up like classic superheroes but have their own costumes which mostly just consist of skin tight black clothes and masks. They carry tasers, pepper spray and nightsticks but no other weapons.
I can't quite decide whether this is cool or not, I mean, on the one hand you've got these hero-fanatics zooming around Seattle trying to fight crime and looking damn cool, but on the other hand you've got these weird, masked people roaming around actually looking for trouble when they carry little protection.
Apparently one of the heroes was recently mistaken for a masked robber! The police are telling them to stop as someone could get hurt. True enough, but I reckon the fuzz are just jealous because they don't get to wear cool clothes and have a secret identity!
For now, I'm in support. Especially due to the fact there seems to be women in the group as well as guys trying to show off. The names of the heroes that are known about so far are Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88, Penelope and Phoenix Jones, the Guardian of Seattle.
No Name? Really? Come on man, get your dictionary out!
Here's a picture of one of the heroes; he looks pretty well qualified to me!


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Red Riding Hood- Just Another Twilight?

The trailer for the new Red Riding Hood film has recently been released and I am so dissapointed! When I heard that they were making a dark adult version of the classic fairy-tale I thought 'Yes! Finally something with balls!' but upon viewing the trailer I'm thinking this film has about as much balls as me. And that's none, in case you were wondering.
The part at the beginning of the trailer that says 'From The Director Of Twilight' says it all - it's literally Twilight all over again! Girl falls in love with boy but can't be with him because he's a vampire werewolf. Cue lots of angst and sexy scenes along the theme of 'Oh, you're so sexy and I want you so much but we can't be together because you're not human.Let's get it on anyway.' Boring and predictable. Shame really, because it could have been SO GOOD!
Watch the trailer here and let me know what you think.
I think they should have done a film adaptation of Angela Carter's version of Red Riding Hood. Her short story is uber creepy. Read it here, you'll be glad you did, although I wouldn't recommend it just before bedtime. Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Beyonce Banned For Being Too Sexy

Beyonce's new fragrance advert has actually been banned in the UK because it's too sexual! How ridiculous. Beyonce is one of the sexiest women in the world and she probably just couldn't help it, I mean, that woman is hot. Fair enough, she's probably airbrushed to within an inch of her life but have any of you ever seen her tour (it's aired on television quite a lot)? She's a woman who has massive talent and isn't afraid to use her femininity. She isn't a size zero waif trying to be sexy - she's a curvaceous real woman who doesn't need to try. Put the advert back on TV you stupid uptight advertising standards people - kids need to see this kind of thing so that they don't grow up thinking being skeletal is the only way to be sexy and feminine.
View the hotness here. Seriously, they're banning this over some of the disgraceful music videos out there? Pathetic!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Extinction Of The Blobfish?! Noooo!

According to some news reports, the blobfish could be at risk of extinction. I know it's not exactly as cute or appealing as say, the panda,  but it's still a species worth saving if you ask me. The gelatinous mass is unfortunately being dragged up along with other fish as demand increases for certain species. The blobfish is inedible due to it being composed mostly of a jelly-like substance (seriously though, who would want to eat it anyway?!) so the fish are dumped.
The blobfish is a testament to being ugly and lazy. It literally waits around until food floats in front of it and it rarely swims anywhere. How is this creature even surviving in the first place?! It's brilliant; we can't let it die out. It's too special.
Fuck pandas, polar bears and orangutans - the blobfish can't ride through on it's good looks like they can. It needs the support of those of us who can actually appreciate something that was at the back of the queue the day good looks were given out. I'm on the hunt for a charity who will actually start a 'Save the Blobfish' campaign...hey, it could work.
Oh, and did I mention it's called a blobfish?! Genius!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Walking Works Of Art

Today I was searching through lists of Tattoo conventions in the hope that one or two were happening near me when I discovered something pretty cool. There's an actual body painting festival. After looking at the website I realise I am probably the last person in the world to know about this, but I'm blogging about it anyway. Because it's cool.
It's held in Austria and it's a festival which celebrates body art, but not as we know it. Tattooing and body painting go hand in hand. Both are pretty ancient ways of decorating the body, but body painting has fallen by the wayside. It's certainly not that well known among my friends anyway.
I was previously aware of body painting as an art form, I just had no idea how inventive and gorgeous it could be. From just painting pictures onto the body, to special effects, to changing the way a person looks altogether - it's an incredibly versatile art form. The great part about it is that you can literally walk around pretty much naked and the paint keeps everything covered up. The other good thing about it is that you can just wash it off at the end of the day ready for a new lick of paint next time.
The beauty of tattoos is that they last forever, but the beauty of pody painting is that it cannot last forever. Here's some pictures to enjoy:

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Movember Is In Full Swing

Whoa. Some guys really are getting serious with this whole Movember thing! I came home to my house today to find my housemate all mustachioed up. I was only gone for 6 days! How quick does his facial hair grow?! I think he may have helped it along with some sort of hazardous toxic waste or something.
Personally, I LOVE Movember. Raising money for prostate cancer whilst growing a nose bush is quite a genius idea. Not only that, but so many men are doing it around the country that it genuinely feels like you're walking around on a permanent porn set.
Some men are getting it SO right:
Whereas others are getting it scarily wrong:
The 'Hitler' will never be a good look. It definitely brings up the rear where moustaches are concerned. The Yosemite Sam however, is a VERY different story.


Roy Lichenstein Painting Sold For Major Monies

Roy Lichtenstein, truly one of the coolest artists of the 20th century (he died in 1997 *sniff*), painted hundreds of wonderfully retro-style works during his lifetime. He, along with Andy Warhol, made pop art  legendary.
Recently one of his paintings (titled “Ohhh ... Alright”) sold in New York for the record sum of  $42.6 million (£26.4 million). The person that bought the painting was an anonymous telephone bidder and I am literally aching to know who it was! Imagine being able to spend that kind of money on such a classic piece of 20th century history. Whoever it was, I'll bet that painting looks friggin' amazing up on their wall.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Playboy No More?

News on the street is that Playboy owes a lot of money and it could result in Hugh Hefner losing the Playboy Mansion. I don't quite know whether to be sad or rejoice? I understand that Playboy is a legendary publication and that it's included some really iconic women (Marilyn Monroe adorned the cover of the very first issue) but today I don't think it celebrates the female form in such a repectable way.
Playboy girls these days just seem to be ample bosomed, skinny, blonde and (I may be wrong but they do come across this way) pretty dumb. They all look exactly the same and it's... boring.
Dita Von Teese was the cover model in 2002 and she really did 50's glamour justice, but since then nothing has pushed any modern day bimbo boundaries. What about real curvy women? What about classy and classic women?
Playboy is a huge multi billion dollar industry and kudos to Hugh; he's done pretty well for himself (both in the bank and in the bedroom). I just don't think Playboy does for women what it used to. I won't be that sad if it goes under to be honest. Let it be something we can look back on fondly as a legendary part of the porn industry rather than something that's becoming cheap and nasty.
I know which Playboy cover I prefer...

Protest Update

Following on from my first blog post about the student riots in London, I am almost appalled to notice that a lot of my student friends are dubbing the protest as a bad thing. They seem ashamed to be students since the demonstrations took a turn for the worse. Why? Why are you ashamed that your peers have actually done something newsworthy? Isn't the whole point of a protest to increase awareness of a problem? They've succeeded!
Yes, some may have been violent but so what? That's what being passionate about something brings. They're showing the world how strongly they feel about putting students into even more debt.
I can't help but notice that most of the students opposing this are quite obviously posh twats Tory supporters. Seriously guys, think about the bigger picture. Not everyone's Mummy and Daddy can afford to pay their children through university. Where's everyone's sense of misdemeanor??
I'm applauding this guy.

Grandma Shows Us All How It's Done

What an amazing woman! Everyone wants a bitchin' granny like this. She DJ's professionally all around the world and has apparently earned herself a huge US following. It may not be my kind of music but I do love anyone that can break the mould. Let's get those oldies out doing similar shall we? Anyone else know of any pensioners doing it better than the rest of us? Check out her website here.

Pink Has One in the Oven

Congrats to Pink, who is expecting her first child. Please please please let this celebrity pregnancy be just a little bit alternative (and I mean the cool way, not the 'I'm going to call her Apple' way - give me a break). Pink is just about the only mainstream celebrity that I trust to stick to her alternative roots during and after pregnancy. With this in mind, I have compiled a small list of items that I think she should buy for when the little terror arrives...

Good Old Protesting Hits London

Well it seems the students are doing us all proud in London today. Even if you're not a student yourself, you've gotta admit it's fun to watch the establishment being brought down a peg or two, don't you think? If you don't find this amuses you then fuck off away from this blog - you're not our type.
They've turned it into a proper protest, not some namby pamby demonstration involving a couple of people with placards squeaking some silly rhyme outside the Houses of Parliament. After watching the short video here I can't help but think that the police were somewhat unprepared for such shenanigans. When the crowd surges into the Millbank Tower the police just look like they're asking them politely; 'umm...please don't do that.'
Where's the batons? Where's the riot gear? Oh, that's right, you thought that a bunch of pale weedy students would just scarper at the mere sight of a flourescent jacket, well I've got some news for you Officer Penisenvy - students don't give a shit.
The majority don't have anything to lose by spending a night in the cells; they're used to sleeping in very basic rooms, they are used to having little heating, they are used to shit food, they are used to not washing and they are used to wearing the same underwear for more than one day.
I can't help but be impressed and I'm secretly wishing for the protest to get just a little more fiery. Hey, it's a cold day and those students have gotta keep warm, right?