Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Protest Update

Following on from my first blog post about the student riots in London, I am almost appalled to notice that a lot of my student friends are dubbing the protest as a bad thing. They seem ashamed to be students since the demonstrations took a turn for the worse. Why? Why are you ashamed that your peers have actually done something newsworthy? Isn't the whole point of a protest to increase awareness of a problem? They've succeeded!
Yes, some may have been violent but so what? That's what being passionate about something brings. They're showing the world how strongly they feel about putting students into even more debt.
I can't help but notice that most of the students opposing this are quite obviously posh twats Tory supporters. Seriously guys, think about the bigger picture. Not everyone's Mummy and Daddy can afford to pay their children through university. Where's everyone's sense of misdemeanor??
I'm applauding this guy.

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