Monday, 6 December 2010

When I Die, I Want To Be Buried In A Giant Lipstick

Since my post about the sale of Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin I've become a little obsessed with searching for coffin inspired furniture online, and I've found some really cool things. Today however, I stumbled upon something really awesome that I previously had no idea existed.
In Ghana coffins are rarely the traditional boring polished wood casket, they're works of art that show something about the life of the person inside. I've been looking at images of Ghanan coffin designs and some of them are out of this world!
Check out some of the pictures...

I'm obsessed! When I die I would love to be buried in a massive lipstick...or maybe have a guitar shaped coffin....or perhaps a pirate ship! I could go on forever!


  1. Oh cool! I call dibs on the coke bottle! :D

  2. Oh yessss a lipstick coffin! Apparantly you can be turned into a diamond too, which i think is a hell of a way to go. Though it costs a bomb, and unless i become a millionaire in my later life i doubt itll happen:( But hey a girl can dream right??

  3. Ooh yeah, I've seen that! That would be amazing!

  4. You can also have your ashes pressed into a vinyl recording of your favourite choon!

  5. No way! Oh my goodness, imagine the pressure of choosing that song! Blimey. I love it!