Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Brr! Rockabilly Fashion In Freezing Temperatures - Does It Exist?!

I've had to have a serious wardrobe re-think over the last week as England has been hit with such bloody freezing weather! It snowed here last night which was quite nice because it meant that the temperature got above minus for a while! We are not used to this here, it's not so fun...especially when it comes to dressing up for the day.
I love sorting out my outfits now that I'm a self confessed rockabilly/50's/40's/retro chick but during this cold weather I've really struggled! There's only so much a cute cardigan can do for you warmth wise.
My solution at the moment is teaming a warm pencil skirt with double tights, warm innersoles in my mary janes and an extra vest top underneath everything else. To make sure I don't lose the look completely I have taken to wearing more make-up than usual - which I don't really like to do but it keeps my eyes warm (that's my excuse anyway!).
Anyone got any tips on how to keep stylish in the cold? I'm so looking forward to the summer when I can start wearing tea dresses, capri pants and halter neck tops....sigh.
Oooh, my eyes are so warm!


  1. hahaha warm eyes; you're a hoot dollface! It has gotten very cold in the US capital also. I am wearing my summer dresses with cardis and long sleeve boleros, and underneath I am wearing a slip and tights. So far it seams to be working to keep me warm. My dresses are all mostly rockabilly in print so layering still allows the style to be clearly seen. What I think we both could use is an ankle length coat to wear outside. A 40s swing type would be nice, from wool. Also there are a vast assortment of hats. I just bought a 30s cloche to wear in cold windy weather. xoxox -Sue

  2. I'm hunting for a cloche also, they're so cute! Loving the ankle length coat idea...*goes to eBay*

  3. I'm with Psycho Sue, cardis and boleros.

    My current problem (even though I'm not a rockabilly I still like to be warm) is fingers inside the apartment. outside I have mittens, inside it's a nightmare.

  4. Hmm yes, I also have a problem with cold fingers! Maybe just have a constant finger puppet production going on at your house...