Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bert Miller and the Animal Folk

Last night I went to a gig in the cellar of a local music/vegetarian pub to see two of my housemates play in a jazz band. It was absolutely amazing, I had no idea how talented my housemates were! The band that they were supporting I assumed would also be a jazz band but they were unlike anything I've ever seen before in my life!
They are called Bert Miller and the Animal Folk and it was...indescribable, although I'll try my best. Their songs were brilliant - masterpieces of weird and bizarre lyrics (mostly about animals). I laughed genuine big belly guffaws the whole way through. The lyrics are pretty random but it's the way that they're sung which makes it so good. You must go and listen to them here!
The lead singer has a very Jack Sparrow-esque presence on the stage and reminds me a little of a young Heath Ledger (circa 10 Things I Hate About You). The only girl in the band plays drums and is a trumpet. Yes you read that right, she IS a trumpet. She just makes this noise through her hands and it sounds exactly like a trumpet. Talent to the max. Also in the band is a Ukulele player with a massive beard, a guitarist with a lightly less massive beard and a bassist who at the same time also plays the bass drum and hi-hat. Weird and amazing. They are officially my new favourites.

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