Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Delights of London Town

This weekend I ended up, very spontaneously, in London! My Mum was there for the weekend with friends but one of them couldn't make it due to the snow. As a result I got a very nice phonecall on Friday asking me if I could get to London and if I could, there was a free ticket to see Les Miserables and a free hotel room in it for me. After much deliberation (about a fifth of a second) I of course, said yes!
Les Miserables was absolutely incredible. I'm not a big 'musicals' person really so I wasn't particuarly bothered about seeing it. I went along mostly so that I could get out of the cold and I figured that it would be an all right way to spend the evening... well, what can I say? It was amazing!
The choreography, the singing, the story, the costumesthey were all perfect. I'm officially converted!
My favourite part, costumes wise, was definately the part with the whores. I want to walk around looking like this all the time:
After the awesomeness that was Les Mis, we decided to pay Camden market a visit. I'm going to save up some money and go on a spree there as soon as possible! Due to limited funds (gotta keep the tattoo fund healthy!) I only got myself these cute earrings...
...which I adore!
I tried on a few things in the vintage shops but was (for once) a very good girl. I so wanted a vintage patent kelly handbag but I stopped myself (I have no idea how!). sum up - I love London!
The End =D


  1. Oh my god. That Dark Side store just, i mean, oh my- I just want to be there so bad right now! I need some goth/steampunk outfits and that looks like a great place for inspiration. Ooh.

  2. Practically every other shop had things like that in it. I didn't know where to begin! In one shop I saw some absolutely gorgeous steampunk shoes that had working pistons on the heels when you walked. Divine!