Thursday, 18 November 2010

Red Riding Hood- Just Another Twilight?

The trailer for the new Red Riding Hood film has recently been released and I am so dissapointed! When I heard that they were making a dark adult version of the classic fairy-tale I thought 'Yes! Finally something with balls!' but upon viewing the trailer I'm thinking this film has about as much balls as me. And that's none, in case you were wondering.
The part at the beginning of the trailer that says 'From The Director Of Twilight' says it all - it's literally Twilight all over again! Girl falls in love with boy but can't be with him because he's a vampire werewolf. Cue lots of angst and sexy scenes along the theme of 'Oh, you're so sexy and I want you so much but we can't be together because you're not human.Let's get it on anyway.' Boring and predictable. Shame really, because it could have been SO GOOD!
Watch the trailer here and let me know what you think.
I think they should have done a film adaptation of Angela Carter's version of Red Riding Hood. Her short story is uber creepy. Read it here, you'll be glad you did, although I wouldn't recommend it just before bedtime. Sweet dreams!


  1. Completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!! Angela Carters would have been better to adapt !! If not slightly terrifying to the small and stupid twilight fans. I watched the trailor, and yeah, whats with the RIDICULOUSLY long following read coat !!!! GAH!!!

  2. Shmeh those Twilight fans could do with a bit of scary!