Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Half Sleeve Is Finally On The Way!

As a yuletide present to myself this year I'm getting my half sleeve done! I'm so excited to get this tattoo; it's been months and months in the planning stages. The plan is a covering of realistic flowers: roses, anemones and fuchsias. The tattoo is going to cover me from shoulder to elbow.
The roses represent my sister as they're her favourite flower and her second name is 'Rose'. The anemones are for my Mum as they have always been her favourite flower and the fuchsias are for my Dad, who sadly passed away in 2004. He loved fuchsias (although he would never admit to liking a pink flower!) and grew them out in the greenhouse for years.
I'm all booked in for February 9th so I'll be posting pics at each stage. The first sitting is 4 hours and hopefully the outlines will all be completed by then.
Now I've just got to keep myself occupied until then...