Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fancy Buying a USED Coffin?!

Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin is being sold at auction. I know, I didn't really know what to think either. Part of me is grossed out about the fact that his dead body was buried in it for 20 years (he was buried in a different coffin after he was exhumed to prove that it was really him down there) and part of me kinda thinks it would make for an awesome piece of furniture. Imagine making a chair or a cabinet out of it and being able to say - 'Yeah, that's my coffin chair.' I kinda wanna do that.
Lee Harvey Oswald was the guy who allegedly killed JFK so I imagine it's going to have a lot of interest from people that are into all that. Maybe a museum will buy it or something?
What I can't work out is who decided to auction it off? It's just a bit bizarre. I wonder if it smells??
I can't help but be interested in this, maybe it's my love for anything horror! The starting price is $1000 but I bet it'll go way over that. There's plenty of freaks out there with lots of monies!
I think it'd look gorgeous as a bookshelf!


  1. nasty...
    yet kinda interesting at the same time, lol.

  2. Hi. I found your blog through psycho Sue and, with this post, I am addicted.

    I WANT THAT SHELF! I need to make one.

  3. Hi Pixie Needle! Thanks for following =) I definately have my heart set on making some coffin furniture now!!