Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Good Old Protesting Hits London

Well it seems the students are doing us all proud in London today. Even if you're not a student yourself, you've gotta admit it's fun to watch the establishment being brought down a peg or two, don't you think? If you don't find this amuses you then fuck off away from this blog - you're not our type.
They've turned it into a proper protest, not some namby pamby demonstration involving a couple of people with placards squeaking some silly rhyme outside the Houses of Parliament. After watching the short video here I can't help but think that the police were somewhat unprepared for such shenanigans. When the crowd surges into the Millbank Tower the police just look like they're asking them politely; 'umm...please don't do that.'
Where's the batons? Where's the riot gear? Oh, that's right, you thought that a bunch of pale weedy students would just scarper at the mere sight of a flourescent jacket, well I've got some news for you Officer Penisenvy - students don't give a shit.
The majority don't have anything to lose by spending a night in the cells; they're used to sleeping in very basic rooms, they are used to having little heating, they are used to shit food, they are used to not washing and they are used to wearing the same underwear for more than one day.
I can't help but be impressed and I'm secretly wishing for the protest to get just a little more fiery. Hey, it's a cold day and those students have gotta keep warm, right?

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