Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Playboy No More?

News on the street is that Playboy owes a lot of money and it could result in Hugh Hefner losing the Playboy Mansion. I don't quite know whether to be sad or rejoice? I understand that Playboy is a legendary publication and that it's included some really iconic women (Marilyn Monroe adorned the cover of the very first issue) but today I don't think it celebrates the female form in such a repectable way.
Playboy girls these days just seem to be ample bosomed, skinny, blonde and (I may be wrong but they do come across this way) pretty dumb. They all look exactly the same and it's... boring.
Dita Von Teese was the cover model in 2002 and she really did 50's glamour justice, but since then nothing has pushed any modern day bimbo boundaries. What about real curvy women? What about classy and classic women?
Playboy is a huge multi billion dollar industry and kudos to Hugh; he's done pretty well for himself (both in the bank and in the bedroom). I just don't think Playboy does for women what it used to. I won't be that sad if it goes under to be honest. Let it be something we can look back on fondly as a legendary part of the porn industry rather than something that's becoming cheap and nasty.
I know which Playboy cover I prefer...

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