Saturday, 13 November 2010

Extinction Of The Blobfish?! Noooo!

According to some news reports, the blobfish could be at risk of extinction. I know it's not exactly as cute or appealing as say, the panda,  but it's still a species worth saving if you ask me. The gelatinous mass is unfortunately being dragged up along with other fish as demand increases for certain species. The blobfish is inedible due to it being composed mostly of a jelly-like substance (seriously though, who would want to eat it anyway?!) so the fish are dumped.
The blobfish is a testament to being ugly and lazy. It literally waits around until food floats in front of it and it rarely swims anywhere. How is this creature even surviving in the first place?! It's brilliant; we can't let it die out. It's too special.
Fuck pandas, polar bears and orangutans - the blobfish can't ride through on it's good looks like they can. It needs the support of those of us who can actually appreciate something that was at the back of the queue the day good looks were given out. I'm on the hunt for a charity who will actually start a 'Save the Blobfish' campaign...hey, it could work.
Oh, and did I mention it's called a blobfish?! Genius!

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