Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Grandma Shows Us All How It's Done

What an amazing woman! Everyone wants a bitchin' granny like this. She DJ's professionally all around the world and has apparently earned herself a huge US following. It may not be my kind of music but I do love anyone that can break the mould. Let's get those oldies out doing similar shall we? Anyone else know of any pensioners doing it better than the rest of us? Check out her website here.


  1. Hey! Thanks for the follow! And, I love your reference to Marmite in your 'about me'. I lived in England for 3 years (I miss it terribly and wish I could go back), and have tried to get my friends here to try Marmite- yeah, doesn't go over well in the states, lol. =)

  2. Oh Marmite is my life! I can't imagine people not liking it! It is by far the best hangover cure in the whole world. Thanks for the follow also =)