Monday, 31 January 2011

SAG Awards- It's Red Carpet Time Again!

Ah I love awards season - I get to blog about dresses! Last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards and although these are notoriously a tad boring red carpet-wise (everyone is saving their best for the Oscars) there were some pretty special dresses on display.

I'll start with my favourites - Helena Bonham Carter looked really cute in this lovely black and white vintage-style ensemble. I love the pearls but I must admit - I'm slightly dissapointed to see her wearing matching shoes. I was hoping that was going to be her thing this year! She is ROCKING those sunglasses though.

Next up on my favourite list is Julianna Margulies - from The Good Wife - who looked gorgeous in red. I know it's a bit of a no-no to wear red on the red carpet but I think it compliments her skin tone perfectly. Would have liked to have seen bigger hair though. Big hair is always good.

Following a close third in the style stakes is Kyra Sedgwick who wore this incredible floor-length black gown complete with a perfect Disney Villain-esque bodice. I LOVE how that dress curls up around the bust. I want this dress more than anything right now. I'd hoover in it.

And my fourth success of the evening is January Jones. I was impressed by her at the Golden Globes (you can see that post here) and she didn't dissapoint again with this black and gold Caroline Herrera creation. I love her hair again too. She just looks so classic and polished.

Last and pretty much least is my bomb of the night - I've chosen Christina Hendricks mostly out of dissapointment. She has literally the most amazing body in the whole world. THE WHOLE WORLD! And she's chosen to cover it with this icky dressing-gown-type-dress-thing. She looks awful and it's a big shame. If I was her I'd be walking down that red carpet in nothing but a corset and some vintage panties! I just feel like this 'dress' is a bit blah. She needs Va-Va-Voom!

So there's my own personal opinion of the best and worst. Let me know what you think fellow bloggers - did you have a different favourite?


  1. Kyra Sedgwick's frock is definitely my favourite from your excellently chosen short list! The bust line is amazing and reminded me a little bit of the Vivienne Westwood dress worn by SJP in Sex in the City when Carrie got hitched. x

  2. Agree Agree Agree Agree! I ADORE Christina but she gets it wrong more often than not. I also adore the bustline on Kyra's dress. But I didn't know that red is a no-no on the red carpet... why so?

    (I LOVE Helena!)

    Sarah xxx

  3. Every time someone wears red on the red carpet I keep reading bad reviews, I think it's basically because they end up blending into their surroundings! Every woman needs a bit of camouflage every now and again! x