Saturday, 15 January 2011

A New Job...With Style!

Today I got a new job. Which is perfect seeing as I have a rather large tattoo to pay for and my student loan really only covers food!
After about a week of searching and applying to places that I wasn't particuarly interested in (a posh jewellers, the manager of which looked at my tattoos with horror, and a bakery where the guy I handed my CV to tried to chat me up - urgh) I just happened to walk through a backstreet that I never walk through to find a funky clothes shop which needed staff.
I had my trial run there today and I can safely say that I think I'm going to really enjoy myself. My boss is a little crazy, but in a good way - a lot like myself actually! The clothes in there are what I'm excited about the most though. Some pieces aren't really my style but each piece is so individual and funky that I can burlesque them up or goth them up - whatever I feel like.
My boss isn't adverse to my tattoos, she likes my 'burlesque/gothic style' and she's such a laugh to hang out with. I think I've lucked out a LOT here.
Here is a (rather small, sorry) picture of one of the bags that she sells. I LOVE it and want it in my life pretty much right now.
The shop is called Traffic People and I'm chuffed. I get to be myself, wear what I want and get paid at the same time. Hooray!


  1. Perfect! That was what it was like for me working in the Vintage shop. You will be very happy :-)

  2. oh hell yea girl! so cool that your boss is approving of your style i hate tattoo discrimination! I nominated you for THE STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! Check out the details at this blog post