Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Has Anyone Noticed The Rockabilly Hair On Celebs Recently?

In the past year the 50's trend has been slowly infiltrating the high street and, true to form, most celebs have been following fashion to the max. Rolled bangs, victory rolls and awesome quiffs have been spotted on many a celeb in the last few months and to be quite honest with you, I'm not entirely sure what to think.
I love Rockabilly for its alternative, individual feel. I like to mix it up with a bit of Goth now and again. I take pride in the fact that I'm NOT a follower of mainstream fashion. Harem pants? Urgh. Maxi dresses? Puke.

Now the 40's and 50's trend is pretty much mainstream fashion and I don't feel so individual any more.
On the plus side - I can buy retro style pieces from the high street. Accessible, cheap and plenty!
By the time I decide whether it's a good thing or not fashion will have moved on, no doubt about it. I'm looking forward to this. The charity shops will be full of amazing bargains!

Here's some celebs who's hair has caught my eye recently.
Back in June/July 2010 I started to notice the trend. Katy Perry was always a little 50's with her looks but this blue style totally blew me away! I want blue hair. I want it now!

She usually dons the rolled bangs for performances when she doesn't have a wig on.

Another singer who's style has been swinging the fashion needle towards retro is Christina Aguilera. She rocks the red lips but her ohmygodblinding platinum hair makes me cringe a lot of the time. This style looks pretty good though. I love a good quiff.

Slightly more recently than this the ever colourful, new to our shores Nicki Minaj has been pinging up on my radar. Her hair changes every time I see a picture of her but those rolled bangs are a staple. I know it's a wig, but I'm still jealous!

And last but not least are the current offerings from Nicole Scherzinger. She's given the Betty bangs and victory rolls a go, but there's something about it that grates on me. It's just not quite right.  What do you all think?


  1. What do I think? They all look bloody awful, and not really retro at all. There's nothing worse than repros cheaply done.

  2. Nicole Scherzinger needs to curl the ends of her hair!

  3. Love Katy! And harem pants- who the hell thinks they look good?? Cant stand them.

  4. I agree, it's getting very mainstream, but there's the massive plus side you've mentioned.

    Regarding Nicole Scherzinger - I walked past a Shape magazine in Boots the other day and stopped dead to stare at it - smiling down on me was Ms Scherzinger with these very very strange looking citory rolls. I had to look twice to see if they are actually rolls or not. She looks like a comic heroine or a weird superwoman. Strange in deed. And very uncool :-)

    I don't like Christina Aguilera but she always sportet retro hair and retro frocks but always with this godawful fake tan. The only person who can pull that hair colour off is Gwen Stefani (who also always did Rockabilly hair, in the early 90s she did that)

    And Katy Perry... I like her, I like her style because she mixes it cleverly, she never looks cheap (I mean chav cheap like Christina Aguilera) but I cannot listen to her. I only like her mute. Please no singing :-)

  5. I adore Katy Perry, she's a doll :)