Monday, 17 January 2011

It's Red Carpet Time! Helena Bonham Carter Wows In Westwood

It's awards season again and although I pretend I'm not that bothered I actually LOVE looking at what the ladies have been wearing on the red carpet. This year we have seen a rise in popularity of 40's/50's fashion, partly due to the success of Mad Men, so I was extra excited to see what Hollywood's take on this would be at the Golden Globes.
For me, the best dressed of the night has to be Helena Bonham Carter. I know for most that is a strange choice, but she looked absolutely gorgeous, and you all know I like something a bit alternative! Check her out in Vivienne Westwood and mismatched shoes. Such a Hollywood rebel!

Her skin is perfect! Oh the jealousy!
My next hit of the night is Catherine Zeta Jones, who wore a deep green, extremely heavy looking dress, but managed to look rather classy. The deep shade couldn't be pulled off by many, yet she completely nails it. There's much to love.

My third favourite of the night goes to January Jones. Her dress is tres risky, but it's her hair and make-up that really caught my eye. Gorgeous 40's style and glamour will never look bad. Team that with a sexy pillar box red dress and it's top marks all round!
Unfortunately, not all Hollywood's lovely ladies managed to deliver the goods. My very least favourite dress was this monstrosity worn by Lea Michelle. It looks like bubblegum that's just been scraped off my shoe. Why would you engulf yourself in this much pink?! Gah!

So there you have it; the first red carpet installment of the year. Let me know what you all thought!


  1. Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actresses and always one of my faves on the red carpet- mostly for her hair than her clothes. She always has the biggest, best and most awesome hair. I adore her. ^_^ Thanks for posting this- I didn't catch the pre-awards red carpet thing.

  2. Bonham-Carter is fab! anyone that bonkers has to be worshipped!

    I actually don't find Rachel Berrys dress that bad, I would never ever wear it and never count it to my favourites but it kinda suits her. Did you see Dianna Agron and Heather Morris (Quinn and Britney also on Glee) - they looked fab vintagey!

    I also liked Angelina Jolies 70s like dress and Eva Longorias very simple chic black dress.