Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Victorian Style Bombshell Boots

First the Doc Martin's plunged me into a Goth/Burlesque mix and now I've just bought myself a pair of gorgeous victorian style boots from Urban Outfitters. I went in there to have a look at the sale books and amusing items but was side-tracked when I saw these beauties.
I've had my eye on these for a while, but at £110 there was no way I could afford them. Today there was one pair left and they just happened to have my size....and they were down to £50! Seeing as I just got a job I thought it was justified.
They're such a gorgeous berry colour - the pic doesn't really do them justice. I'm in love!
Oh the style just a-keeps on morphin'!


  1. Oh my gosh what beautiful boots! Do you know the style name for these? Would love to track a pair down!

  2. I just had a look online and they are just called 'Victorian Boot' - here is the link although they only have the black ones left in a size 3.,5,shop,sale,salechristmasw,wsaleshoenew
    Hope that helps!! x

  3. Thanks! Not my size, but I will track them down!