Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rockabilly Summer Fashion

Since I've transformed myself into a bonafide Rockabilly chick it's been pretty chilly here in rainy old England. My thoughts keep wandering towards the summer and warmer weather that will (hopefully) soon be upon us and if I'm perfectly honest - I'm a little worried about what to wear!
I love the whole high waisted shorts with a tied up shirt look but I am certainly not as toned as I used to be and, let's be honest, hardly anyone can pull off that look...except for maybe Bernie Dexter!

Nevertheless I went out today and bought a pair of high waisted shorts as I needed them for an up and coming fancy dress party. Now, any of you who know me will know that I am NOT a shorts person. I have a fear of wearing shorts. I think it stems from the fact that as a child I was forced to wear horrid ones for P.E at school. They were baggy and my little white legs with their horrendously knobbly knees were the subject of much teasing from the pretty girls with the shapely, tanned pins. Sigh.
I've decided to put all that to bed now and be proud of my legs, yeah they're still a little weedy but they look much better than when I was a nervous little 12 year old. Sod it - I'm wearing shorts this summer!
These are the ones I got today. I think I'm going to buy some anchor sew-on patches for the back pockets.
 I think I'll wear them with cute, tucked in tops and a pair of wedges. Roll on the warm weather!


  1. I wish I had the legs of my youth! At 44, I don't like anything above the knee!

  2. Miss La Mer, you've got lovely legs :) and am asure you are goin to look awesome rockin' these shorts :D

    muchos love Abbly xx

  3. I love these shorts. I have such a hard time finding high waisted shorts that either don't come down to my knees for a granny look or don't let my butt drop out of the bottom. Where'd you get them?

    -Desiree @ Pop-o-matic Deluxe