Tuesday, 15 February 2011

MORE Red Carpet. Oh You Are Spoiling Us!

So as well as the BAFTA's over the weekend it was also the Grammy's AND the Elle Style Awards. Obviously with neither of these being big posh film award ceremonies the dresses were a lot more eclectic and not so elegant - just my kinda' style!
Here is the best (and worst *eek!*) of both red carpets for you to feast your lovely eyes on...

We'll start with the Grammy's.

Florence Welch - WOW! I love this dress so much! It's so beautiful - the swans, the symmetry, the femininity...it's perfect and quirky. I think that I'd have liked to have seen some bright red lipstick with this though, or even a deep berry shade. I think this needs dramatic make-up. Gorgeous all the same though!

At first I hated this, but now I kinda like it...it's growing on me. It reminds me of a mermaid. A mermaid perhaps covered in some kind of mossy seaweed? Nicole Kidman completely pulls it off though, I mean, look at that waist! The hair is also very VERY good. Regular readers will know I have an issue with red carpet hair and Nicole has passed. She gets a B+.

I used to love Kelly-O, like, completely LOVE her. I think it was because she was a Hollywood kid who literally did not give a flying fuck what colour her hair was, how little the style suited her or who she pissed off. Now she's all grown up I feel kind of let down - I thought the attitude was here to stay! That being said though, I do actually like this dress on her. It's not my style at all, but I think the colour really compliments her pale skin (which can only be a good thing in this horrendous age of fake tanning). I am dissapointed with the hair - it's very 'Hello, welcome to Stepford, if you need to borrow a cup of sugar from me or any members of my perfect family then please do drop by any time.' It's too old for her!
Oh Katy Perry, you beautiful woman. If I could trade my body for any other on the planet, it would be hers I'd replace mine with! Katy's style is so eclectic I'm always excited to see what she's going to wear (a fried egg costume? Skin-tight pink latex?) and if I'm perfectly honest, I'm kind of dissapointed with this. It's very bridal. Although saying that, she did perform a love song whilst her wedding video played in the background so perhaps this was a clue! The material of the train looks so nice and shimmery, I'm quite mesmerised!

All I'm saying about this is that anyone who is brave enough to wear top-to-toe leopard print has cool points in my book. Amazing.

Yes Rihanna, we get it, you are very sexual. Now put some clothes on or you'll catch your death. Jeez. (Kinda' jealous at how well she pulls this off).

On that note, let's look at the Elle Style Awards dresses, I bet no-one wore anything as awful there...


This hurts my eyes so I'm going to skip the long explanation of why I think Donna Air should look in a mirror, not LIKE a mirror and move on...

This is amazing. Laura Bailey is breaking so many rules here but she looks friggin fantastic! The black tights, bright yellow bag and heavy eye make-up totally rocks up this dress! I'm glad she kept her hair back, it doesn't distract from the statements she's making here. She's inspired me to rock up some pretty dresses I've got shoved in the back of my wardrobe.

Sophie Ellis Bextor looks so charmingly vintage here! The dress is perfectly demure, the shoes are so gorgeous that I want to eat them and that bag! Swoon! She's got everything spot on here. Even her hair looks great. It's so nice to see this look on the red carpet. She certainly hasn't bored me.

I have little opinion about the outfit underneath the coat, it's the coat itself that I want! It looks like it's been made out of a zombie cookie-monster. Jamie Winstone watch out, I'm coming to steal it from you! Amazing.

Courtney Love has also gone for a bridal thing. She looks wonderfully whimsical. Her skin is so gorgeous, I'm a huge fan of this. The red lips give it a bit of oomph, but perhaps she should have gone for really smoky eyes too, do you agree?  
Ooh I'm all red-carpetted out!

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  1. Sophie Ellis Bexter's shoes are to die for. Jamie Winstone's fur - yeah, i'd steal that too and Courtney, she's looking hot! hot! hot! But I agree that heavier eye make up would've made more of a wow! factor.
    Great blog post. X