Monday, 14 February 2011

The BAFTA's Red Carpet - Black and Midnight Blue Glamour!

Thank the gods for the BAFTA's. The Oscars seem like a lifetime away and I was beginning to crave some red carpet glamour!
I managed to watch the red carpet arrivals and the ceremony on TV last night which was delightful. The King's Speech did extremely well and everything was lovely and civilised; not a Ricky Gervais in sight!
But to be perfectly honest the thing I was most interested in was, of course, the dresses. The colours of the night were black and midnight blue. Let's get down to it, because well, there were a hell of a lot of good ones! Here are my favourites...

Of course the Bonham Carter awesomeness was in attendance. She wore Vivienne Westwood (again) and although this is wonderful it's pretty understated for her. I'm praying that she doesn't stay on this sliding scale or come the Oscars she'll be wearing something so boring that I'll cry. This is as normal as I will tolerate from her. She has been warned!! I LOVE the bag and I LOVE her hair and I LOVE her skin.

Julianne Moore looks delicious! I love a bit of crushed velvet, me. She just oozes elegance in this and the red lips give it an ultra glam edge. The midnight blue against her lovely pale skin is sublime. Top marks.

Olivia Grant has got it going on. This dress fits her perfectly - (there were so many instances of poorly fitting dresses last night that I can't even bring myself to blog about them) the length is right, the fit is right and it looks damn sexy. Her necklace is ideal; not too much and not too little. Gorgeous hair too!

Jennifer Lawrence - from the shoulders down you are an absolute glamour beast, but please do something with your hair next time! The dress is one of the most amazing corsetted wonders I have ever seen and yet you leave your hair looking like you just rolled out of bed in 1992. I would totally get married in a dress like this!

Again with the hair *sigh* I know it was raining but that's no excuse. Gemma Arterton had a gorgeous silhouette going on. At first I wasn't too sure about the big birthday present bow but it's totally grown on me. It gives her a lovely hourglass shape and the dress might be a tad boring without it. She's a safe 6/10. 

 Colin Firth (uber winner of the evening) and his wife, Livia just look so cute! She is stunning in that dress. The colour is spot on as is the fit. She outshone most of the women that people go there to see. Great hair (yay!), great make- up and a perfect dress. Colin Firth is a very lucky man!

This is my boob of the night. Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud went all Marilyn-esque on us and this dress so could have worked but she has let it down. In every picture I have seen she is flinging her leg out of that slit like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, you look like Porno Barbie. If you're going to wear a dress slit to the thigh then you need to pose like Megan Fox:

So there you have it, the BAFTA best and worst. Who rocked your style socks??


  1. its sexier when your subtle. hahahaha porno barbie!!!

  2. Yeah, Julianne and Helena definately won out for me! And its such a shame about Sarahs dress, sew up the tacky thigh slit and it wouldve been gorgeous!