Friday, 9 September 2011

That's Kraken That Is...

I am LOVING everything tentacle related right now.

Them Cephalopods are pretty cool creatures. They're uber intelligent and they got some bad ass ink...a bit like me! Mwahaha I kid, I kid.

Here's a few pics of some of my favourite finds...
A nice subtle tentacle ring...

...and a not so subtle tentacle ring!

A VERY cool wall decoration. This would totally freak me out on a dark night!

Amazing chandelier in the shape of a squid. Wonderful.

Or if you prefer candlelight....

Kraken shower curtain. What a beaut. 

I think what I love about Cephalopods is that we still don't know how big the Colossal Squid can get, Octopus are extremely intelligent creatures (they use tools, problem solve and can learn solutions to problems) and Cuttlefish are REALLY CUTE!



  1. ZOMG those rings are awesome!!! ME WANTS!!

  2. I have 2 friends OBSESSED with tentacles!

  3. I love them too... they are so smart!

    I LOVE that shower curtain.

    Sarah xxx

  4. I love the candle holders and the shower curtain. :D

  5. Could you tell me where the top tentacle ring is from? Thanks!