Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'll Be There For You...

I'm having an extremely lazy day today. I almost didn't do my drawing for Day 9 but I thought if I started down that slippery slope then I'd just not finish the challenge; so here's today's very sketchy, very low effort drawing of my favourite TV show - can you guess what it is?

Yeah - it's Friends! I know that's totally predictable but I don't have a TV so I never get to watch new shows. Pity. Friends has been my favourite for well over ten years now and it would have to take a pretty damn good show to push them off my top spot!
My favourite character is definitely Phoebe Buffay. I like to think that we have a lot in common. I think I'm as unconventional as she is. Also, I LOVE HER CLOTHES!
Especially the coats;

I've got my eye on that big orange one. Amazing.
I got that image from a blog post that showcases Phoebe's eclectic dress sense as inspiration. Check it out.

Right, I'm off to watch Friends. I really feel like I should get a sofa like this;
It'd be perfect for chilling out with some friends to watch err...Friends.

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  1. friends watching friends, sounds like a good day to me.