Saturday, 3 September 2011


Kate Winslet just blew my mind.
LOOK at her amazing curves! I know this dress has shading (and probably elastic) in all the right places but man, she's doing some good at bringing back the female figure.
THIS is sexy.
THIS is what young women should aspire to - not some skeletal supermodel-like shape.
THIS is where it's AT!

I'm not posting a 30 Day Drawing Challenge blog today because, well truth be told, The Boy and I are having an epic Lord of the Rings marathon. We're watching all three films (all extended directors cut versions naturally) in one day. We began at 10.30am and it's now 6.30pm and we have just one more film to go! I feel like a true nerd and I'm loving it. 

I'm just having a slight Kate Winslet distraction moment.....WOWZA!


  1. oh wow, you aint kidding! lol

  2. DAMN!!! She looks good! P.s. I LOVE LOTR, such delightful movies. :)

  3. TESTIFY! She looks AMAZING.

    Sarah xxx

  4. I've always found her astonishly beautiful.