Friday, 26 August 2011

You Either Love It Or Hate It...

Day 3 of the drawing challenge has come up with the easiest subject matter thus far - my favourite food.
Now, if it wasn't for this brown elixir I think I'd have real trouble choosing a favourite grub but because this exists-

-I have no other real contenders. It will always win. Even over chocolate cake....yeah I said it.
Here's my hastily sketched version...

I don't think I can quite put into words exactly how good Marmite is. For all my readers who aren't from the UK - it's something that's very hard to describe. The taste of it is what the Japanese call 'Umami' or in English, 'a pleasant savoury taste'. It is a very acquired taste and most Brits either love the stuff or hate it with a passion.
Personally I like to keep a jar and a spoon handy at all times. The Boy and I even take a squeezy bottle of it with us whenever we go anywhere...y'know, just in case we have a sudden salty delicious gooey craving!
Marmite has even found its way into my jewellery box. Behold - one of my favourite pieces of weird jewellery - the Marmite jar and Marmite on toast bracelet!

I bought this on eBay a couple of years ago and it always gets a fair few comments. I bought it from this seller, who unfortunately does not do the bracelets any more but she does have some rather fetching Marmite earrings!

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