Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh so you're NOT dead?

No - I'm not dead. I know how you might think that, what with me saying I was back and blogging and then...y'know...NOT blogging.
I'm bad at this. But hey, I'm here now.
I've recently stumbled across a website called Wanelo and it scares me for two reasons. The first being that it has SO MANY cool things on it that I had no idea existed (it freaks me out that I don't own any of it yet) and the second reason being that I'm scared of what it's going to do to my bank account.
Here are just a few things that I think the world needs to know about. I just can't get over the coolness. Yeah...I should get out more.
I LOVE unusual jewellery. I like making people smile when they look at me - in the laughing with me not at me kind of way.
I am a little bit obsessed with coffee table books. I have so many that I have to rotate them so they get decent coffee table time. This one looks amazing.
These tights are AWESOME! The butterflies look so cool like that. It's actually inspired me to do the same thing with bats...and with a tattoo instead of tights!
Too cool for words. The coolest things are the simplest and most obvious ones that you hadn't thought of yet. Divine.
I think if I ever wanted a swimsuit then this one would be it. As it happens I go swimming very rarely and I never go to the beach. I'm more of an adventure/exploring holiday kinda girl. But for this bad boy I'd totally get my pasty white ass out.

I had to stop at 6 things. I'd go on forever otherwise.
The Boy and I have been on a real mean budget recently and we've literally only had the money to feed ourselves so finding this website was a REALLY bad idea. I've managed to be good so you think the landlord would mind if I paid our rent with coolness this month??


  1. That swing necklace is so cool!! Even as I guy I would wear that! lol.

  2. Dude, I feel you on the whole not blogging front! Also digging the tights and the swimsuit!

  3. Oh I want those necklaces too! And the swimming suit is awesome... I wish I had the money to buy it :).