Thursday, 25 August 2011

Leopard Print Aint All That

Leopard is a pretty iconic Rockabilly print. It's everywhere. I LOVE my leopard print bag, don't get me wrong, but whilst doing Day Two of my 30 Day Drawing Challenge I came to the conclusion that tiger print is way better!
I adore tigers. Ever since my Christening (fat lot of good it did me!) at 18months I have been obsessed. It all started with a gift from my Grandmothers' neighbour. He was a gorgeous, fluffy, orange and black, whiskery TIGER. I grabbed him and wouldn't let him go again for the whole ceremony. I didn't let him go on my first day of school. I didn't let him go whenever we went ANYWHERE. Guess who still shares the bed with myself and The Boy to this day? Yep. Tiger does.
He looks quite different now. He has two new layers of fur, he's been flattened because I use him as a pillow, his eyes are scratched, his ears and tail are pretty non existent and he's covered in sewn up holes. Check him out...

He began my love affair with tigers. They're just gorgeous.

I'm wearing -
'We Love Tigers' T-shirt - Given to me as a gift when I was 5! (1992)
Black Weave Belt - £3
Grey Pencil Skirt - £7 Primark
Yellow Tights - Can't Remember (Whoops!)
Black Patent Shoes - £4.50 eBay

Here's a few items I've found that I think knock that leopard print right out of the water.

You could go all out and make tiger print the main attraction...
...Or just accessorise with a pair of killer heels....
....a rockin' tiger bag can make enough of a statement....
...or just a tiger print hair flower can be enough. Grr!
And here's the drawing that inspired my post today - my attempt at Day 2 - Draw Your Favourite Animal.

To learn about tiger conservation and why they're so threatened please click here. It's an important cause. The thought that they may become extinct in my lifetime is just too upsetting.

Long live the tiger!


  1. Tigers are my favorite animals. My favorite Tiger is the White Siberian, they're just beautiful. I love you're blog! :D

  2. Wow thanks! I love White Siberians too - they're just too beautiful. xxx

  3. Don't forget one of my favorite childrens books (my son who is 9 still likes it) the tiger who came to tea.

  4. That's so weird that you should say that because it's my favourite book too! I'm 23 and I still love it! xxx