Monday, 29 August 2011

A New Look For Sophie

Putting together an outfit for this post was really fun! Today's drawing challenge theme is - 'Draw Your Favourite Book'.
Well as you can probably guess from Day 2 of the drawing challenge - my favourite book is The Tiger Who Came To Tea! I have loved this book for as long as I can remember. I can't believe it's still selling after 43 years in print. Amazing.
For those unfamiliar with the story, Sophie (the little girl) opens her front door one day to find a big tiger. He comes in and eats all the food in the house, drinks all the drink (even Daddy's beer!) and drinks all the water in the tap! Then the tiger just leaves. Because of this there is no water for Sophie's bath and no food for Daddy's tea so Sophie's Mummy, Daddy and Sophie all go out to a cafe and have sausages and chips.

The idea of this happening to me when I was a child was just too exciting! Every time to doorbell rang I would hope that it was the tiger! I remember being very jealous of Sophie!
My drawing today is based on the part of the book where the tiger is slowly making his way through all the food in the kitchen after he's already eaten the supper in the saucepans and all the cakes Sophie and her Mum were eating for afternoon tea.
The illustrations are so wonderfully simple. I love how the tiger looks really smiley all the time. I'm sure if a tiger actually came into your house and ate all your food we'd all react like the guys from The Hangover!

So anyway, I decided to dress up and be Sophie today. Y'know, because she's only like, my IDOL.
I wore:
Bow Hairband - £3 Fancy Dress Shop
Dark Blue 3/4 Sleeve Top - £5 New Look
Purple Dress - £10 New Look
Chequered Tights - £2 New Look
Black Patent Shoes - $4.50 eBay (although the label guessed it! New Look)

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