Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Gwen Stefani Just Kicked Dita To The Curb...

HOLY MOLY Gwen Stefani! Here's me blogging about how amazing Dita Von Teese looks at 39 and then Gwen Stefani decides to have a 42nd birthday and look even better.
During the 90's I was a rather impressionable child. Dita Von Teese didn't exist to me then; all I had to look up to were The Spice Girls and Gwen Stefani. Thankfully I chose Gwen as an ultimate role model...and shortly after Courtney Love.
LOOK at how amazing Gwen still looks..

I literally cannot get over the fact that she's had two children, she's 42 and she's still working hard and releasing music. Sure, she can afford to have her hair done professionally, her skin cared for by experts and her clothes designed by her, for her, but DAMN; she's working it well.
I'll never forget I'm Just A Girl. She made me believe in the fact that I was female and STRONG in a time when all I seemed to be taught was that to be female was to be inferior.
Thanks Gwen; I hope I look as good as you I'm 42 - and if I don't then y'know, who gives a shit? 


  1. ah yes! thats my second girlfriend right there! lol.

  2. She is definetly a beauty! It amazes me that she still looks rockin' hot at 42. I loved her in No Doubt, listening to the songs I'm Just A Girl and Walking Through A Spider Web. Brings me back to the good old days in the 90's.

  3. Umm, light bulb please! Over 40 does not mean dead, it means more confident-helloo!!!

  4. I grew up with Gwen and have loved her through no doubt and her solo career. I love her style, she will always have amazing style. And she is gorgeous!


  5. I'm new here, just wanted to say hello. Love Gwen she's always new and fun.

  6. Love both Dita's and Gwens style. They both have great taste. And yes, 40 is the new 30. I'm up there as well and I think I look ok ;-)

  7. She hasn't aged in like 15 years! Oh my goodness!

  8. Very good article. Congratulations.

  9. she really looks amazing! and I am so exited about the fact that "No doubt" is planning/having its comeback :D

    Liebe Grüße

  10. I completely agree! I was just commenting the other day to a friend about how amazing Gwen looks for her age and how I have loved watching her style evolve over the years.....such a stunner and how does she keep her hair soo perfectly blonde
    glad I found your blog