Monday, 3 October 2011

Back To University For The Last Time...

Tomorrow I begin my third year at university. The thought is pretty terrifying but exciting at the same time. Today is actually the official start of the term but I get Monday's off so I think that's rather a good start!
This year I'm taking four modules; Researching and Writing a Novel, Writing a Novel for Young People, Teaching Writing and Reading as a Writer.
I'm extremely excited about finally getting some guidance on a novel I've been trying to write for a long time, as well as having to read lots and lots of novels! I am equally terrified at having to teach writing and manage my time between this, reading a LOT and writing two novels.
In approximately 8 months time I'll be graduating with (fingers crossed) a first in creative writing and have a couple of novels ready to send to a few publishers.
Due to my workload rising into oblivion from now on, I may not be blogging very often but I will still be around reading all of yours and gaining inspiration from you lovely people.
Let the madness begin....


  1. Break a leg with uni work and such. And have lots of fun writing a novel!

  2. Good luck! And thanks for commenting, I agree with you. More knowledge = more tolerance! Yeah the henna is gorgeous, it only took 5 min and she drew it on free hand!