Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wednesday Addams is Still in There Somewhere - Christina Ricci's Dress Blows My Mind!!!

Holy. Moly.
I literally cannot get over the beauty of this dress.
Christina Ricci brought this little bad boy out to play and the Met Gala the other night and I have to say, I have never been so blown away by a red carpet dress before in my LIFE. I want this dress so much!
The gothic web-like fabric teamed with that mahoosive fish tail skirt is just so gorgeous. She wears that dress so well too - others would have the dress wearing them but Christina's figure carries this off to perfection.
My only issue is with the boring hair, but that's probably just me wanting her to look like Wednesday Addams again!
Feast your eyes and enjoy. I am swooning!


  1. I'm thinking she must do, unless the dress has some in-built boning or something. I can't imagine she was able to sit down very comfortably!

  2. wow, I have always loved her, she really is the right person for that dress! I wish her hair was more exciting too though...

  3. aMAZing! I love it too - Dita could also totally rock this frock I think.

    Sarah xxx

  4. She looks stiff as a corpse in it; but its very very eye catching!

  5. It's like a dress of a drawing of a dress... if that makes sense. I'm loving it!

  6. I saw her pic on another website and this dress is soo divine, I'm not usually a fan of modern haute-couture, but this piece is to die for!