Thursday, 26 May 2011

Moving House Leaves Little Time For Blogger =(

I've been absolutely terrible at keeping this blog going recently - but at least this time I have a valid excuse - I moved in with my boyfriend! I feel very grown up and mature...and I don't think I like that very much. I'm currently trawling through the annoying mundane things like bills, getting the internet set up and packing up my boxes. I can't wait until the decorating fun begins!
My Gil Elvgren compendium was the first book in the house - it has pride of place on the coffee table! I think that, when having guests over, it's the best kind of art reference to look through whilst sipping on a nice cup of tea.
Happy Pin Ups mean Happy People....yeah I just made that up. (The stress of moving house is clearly melting my brain.)

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  1. I hope you two have a good time living together! :D